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Product Features:
  • Prefilled Liquidpod System
  • 1.6ml Capacity
  • Plug and Play Atomizer
  • Gold Plated Connections
  • Proprietary Connection
  • Compatible with Von Erl My Von Erl ONLY

Flavor Offerings:

  • BlueIce
    • Delight your palate with the crisp freshness of a glacier. Close your eyes and breathe in the liberating menthol made from natural peppermint extracts alongside a touch of extra flavor.
  • Green Apple
    • Freshly picked apples that bring a refreshing taste experience, balancing sweetness with a subtle tartness.
  • Mango Apricot
    • A pleasant and fruity blend of tropical mango and the sweet complex flavor of apricot.
  • Tabak
    • Traditional vaping pleasure with the strong taste of pure tobacco.
  • Tabak Menthol
    • A classic blend of warm aromatic tobacco and cool refreshing menthol.
  • Tabak Vanilla
    • A rich and aromatic tobacco touched with vanilla notes that flows excellently throughout the day.